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XCMG has always been the leader of China's construction machinery industry, ever since its establishment in March 1989. At present, XCMG ranks in the Top 5 in the global construction machinery industry, 123rd of Top 500 enterprises in China, and 53rd of Top 500 manufacturing industries in China. XCMG is a large-scale enterprise group in China's construction machinery industry, with the largest scale and most diverse series of products. The annual revenue of XCMG has increased to USD14 billion in 2011, ranking Top 1 in China's construction machinery industry.
HB37A Concrete Pump
HB40 Concrete Pump
HB41 Concrete Pump
HB44 Concrete Pump
HB48-B-C-D Concrete Pump
HB52 Concrete Pump
HB56 Concrete Pump
LiuGong was founded in 1958 in Liuzhou, China. Based upon units sold, LiuGong is one of the largest wheel loader manufacturers in the world. LiuGong has received growing recognition as a major global competitor, and is ranked 17th among construction machine companies in the world. With the expansions realized in 2011, and continued growth and expansion planned for 2012 and beyond, LiuGong is clearly targeting to become an even bigger player in the construction equipment industry.
HDL5160THB Concrete Pump
HDL5270THB Concrete Pump
HDL5330THB Concrete Pump
HDL5380/5381THB Concrete Pump
HDL5381THB Concrete Pump
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