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LIUGONG Delivers 1,000 Pieces Of Equipment To Key Customers In West Africa
On April 26, hundreds of LIUGONG equipment were shipped from the LIUGONG factory to West Africa. This batch of equipment is the first batch of thousands of LIUGONG equipment purchased by the local government and will be used for the construction, maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure in the region. There were 10 representatives from the local government and customers, including Li Yuning, deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and chairman of the labor union of the company, Huang Haibo, vice chairman and executive director, Wen Wu, executive director and senior vice president, Yuan Shiguo and Xiao Xiaolei, vice presidents, and Liu Xuebin, chief financial officer. Board Secretary Huang Hualin and other relevant leaders attended the launching ceremony.

LIUGONG Delivers 1,000 Pieces Of Equipment To Key Customers In West Africa

The ceremony was hosted by Deng Tao, senior director of the International Business Department, and nearly 500 LIUGONG employees witnessed the successful delivery of the equipment.
This order is the largest single transaction volume since the establishment of LIUGONG. It delivered a variety of products including loaders, excavators, road rollers, graders and other products suitable for infrastructure working conditions. In the next few months, LIUGONG will also enter into school-enterprise cooperation with local technical colleges to train a group of local service personnel with the ability to repair earthwork machinery and equipment.

"It is a great honor to participate in today's departure ceremony." A representative of the local government said that the equipment sent to West Africa this time will be invested in local infrastructure and rural economic construction. Due to backward infrastructure in West Africa, transportation of cash crops has been blocked for a long time, and the situation needs to be improved urgently. The equipment provided by LiuGong will further promote regional people's livelihood and economic development. We will hold a grand pick-up ceremony in the first week of June, hoping that the equipment will arrive smoothly and be put into use.

LIUGONG has been deeply involved in the West African market for nearly 20 years. Relying on the increasing local economic development situation and steadily opening market conditions, LIUGONG has established professional maintenance outlets and parts warehouses with wide service coverage in key cities in the region, reducing operating costs and improving customer satisfaction. At present, LIUGONG'S full range of products have been fully sold in the local market, and its sales performance has grown steadily in the past three years.

LIUGONG Delivers 1,000 Pieces Of Equipment To Key Customers In West Africa

"Today is the beginning of cooperation between our company and LIUGONG, two industry leading companies. After the delivered equipment arrives, we will send 15 engineers to LIUGONG to learn professional technology and provide our customers with excellent comprehensive solutions and after-sales service support services,” the customer representative mentioned in his speech.

"Those who share the same goals are not far away from mountains and seas." LIUGONG has always been committed to extending human power with smart green machinery and building a beautiful home together. In the future, LIUGONG will continue to promote its business in Africa and provide more customers with high-performance construction machinery equipment and comprehensive solutions.
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